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The Positive Growth Contribution of E-commerce To The Economy in Lagos Nigeria
The Positive Growth Contribution of E-commerce To The Economy in Lagos Nigeria


      If taken as country on its own, Lagos would be  among the largest economics in Africa. It has been able to diversify its economy and considerably reduce its dependence on oil allocations. But if it invest in skilled labor force, reduced it bureaucratic hurdles and adopted an inclusive development approach, and support e-commerce.

            However, Lagos has a rich history of economic growth and transformation. It is no doubt there have been tremendous and positive impact of ecommerce to the economy of Lagos, Nigeria in so many ways despite there are  still huge untapped capacity in the e-space. Furthermore, one of the ways ecommerce has contributed to the growth of Lagos Nigeria is that it empower the youth. The commerce serve with necessarily waiting for the government or anybody to employed you. This is reduced the burden on government.

           More so ever, electronic commerce is gradually becoming the trend for business in lagos Nigeria as many ventures are now taking advantage of the social media proliferation on the state. More businesses are migrating online and using twitter as well as instagram to market their goods and services while giving the product s and services deliver at their door step.